Our experienced and dedicated team is committed to providing quality and creating value for both suppliers and buyers of horticultural produce. We are conveniently located near the Brisbane Markets and Brisbane International Airport, allowing for the provision of efficient and effective services.

Our Story

Harrowsmiths International is a family owned organisation, established in 1988, with a long standing reputation of excellence and incomparable service to a growing international and domestic market. From the very beginning, Harrowsmiths exported fruit and vegetables to New Zealand and Asia, mainly focussing on New Zealand with strong customer loyalty. Since this time, our markets have diversified and our tight network of Australian growers has expanded.


"Clean and Green"

Harrowsmiths International exports and imports fresh fruit and vegetables from Australia's 'clean and green' environment and other strategic locations around the world, like New Zealand and America. They have established a worldwide reputation and developed significant and enduring business relationships with major fresh food importers and exporters across the globe. Our focus is on long term, sustainable relationships with quality customers and quality suppliers, allowing us to provide impeccable service. 


Our vision is to service the growing demand for quality horticultural produce by delivering outstanding service and creating value for our suppliers. The following values underpin Harrowsmiths International’s decision making and drive our business operations:

  • Family orientated
  • Conservative growth
  • Continuous improvement
  • Accountability
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Customer focussed
  • Honesty & Integrity
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