The seasonal harvest starts in the Northern Territory and Western Australia in September, followed by Queensland's dry tropical regions (Townsville / Burdekin / Bowen) in mid-November, Mareeba / Dimbulah in early December, Central Queensland in late December, and South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales in January.

Varieties include R2E2, Keitt, Palmer, Brooks, Honey Gold, Calypso and Kensington Pride. The KP is the most popular Australian mango and arguably the tastiest, bursting with flavour. It has a yellow skin with an orange to red blush, which is lighter or darker depending on the growing area and conditions. The R2E2 is the most popular export mango. One of the largest mangoes on the market, with a high flesh to seed ratio, the R2E2 is known for its deep red blush and ability to travel long distances whilst still maintaining its integrity.

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